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Extra-Large Clean Touch Inkless Ink Pad for Pets



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  • EASY TO USE: Capture a pawprint by gently pressing the paw onto the ink pad using standard paper or card stock. The ink pad can be used 3-5 times, so you get several chances to capture the perfect print.
  • NON-TOXIC & SAFE: The Clean Touch pet ink pad is acid-free and puppy and kitten safe. Use new Clean Touch ink pads over the years to capture the paw print as your puppy or kitten grows!
  • MESS-FREE: Designed to easily stamp paw prints without getting ink on your fur baby or your floors and furniture! This no-mess ink stamp is the perfect way to capture your furry friend’s unique paw print to frame or use as a design for a tattoo as a forever reminder of your pet.
  • LARGEST INK PAD: This extra-large, no-mess ink pad accommodates all breeds, from the largest dog breeds down to the smallest kitten. The imprint area measures 12 x 8cm.
  • NOTE: The advanced nature of the inkless ink pad means drying times can be much longer than traditional ink. This ink stamp is intended to create keepsakes and memorials that are stored behind glass, not regularly handled.


重量 2.89 盎司
尺寸 7.09 × 5.16 × 0.94 英寸

1pads, 2pads, 3pads, 4pads


black, red, blue, greenlight blue

Extra-Large Clean Touch Inkless Ink Pad for Pets


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Extra-Large Clean Touch Inkless Ink Pad for Pets 有 1 个评价

    This was very easy to use. My Great Dane was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma, and I wanted his paw print so that I could have an exact replica tattooed on my arm. He passed away a few days after we did his pawprint. Missed, but with me forever.

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